data analysis

data analysis

You may be wondering... What is data analysis?

It is the process of examining and checking data and combing it to be more accurate, and reconfiguring it, and also storing it to obtain and elicit some information on the basis of which decisions can be made and determined. Data analysis has many methods that differ according to the field in which it is used.

Data analysis applications and uses:

There are many applications and uses for data analysis, including but not limited to (financial data, digital data, market analytics, competitor studies) and other practical applications of data analysis.

Data analysis aims to prepare a so-called data model, and this process is considered the furniture stone to come up with a kind of graphical analysis (descriptive, standard, exploratory, deductive… and others) These words may seem familiar to you because you will find them simply on Wikipedia.. We at Fyohat believe that data analysis is an urgent necessity to come up with a single number through which you can determine which methods are most appropriate for you. And with Vyohat we can show you how to do it....

Imagine that you own a project, a store or a company of companies within a market, whether this market is natural or virtual, and you have studied the market needs for the services provided by this project in order to reach the best estimated information about the expected demand in this target market, and also you By studying the competitors, their sizes and the strength of their competition for you in this market, and what is your percentage of the clients of this market and their ratios. Are you now taking steady steps towards success?

We at Fiyohat always strive to simplify the studies and analyzes provided to our clients through graphs and analytical figures for the markets and competitors.


Have you at any stage wondered who (your customer) is? Have you collected enough information to allow your organization or company to acquire, develop and maintain customers?

With Fyohat, we can provide you with many services in the field of studying your customers, whether they are potential or current customers.. For example, the foresight study will provide you with many information about who is your potential customer, and this study, in turn, will work to determine which of the decisions is most appropriate for you in order to get more from Customers, as we at Fiohat can provide you with analytical studies for your existing customers so that you can take the appropriate decision for them so that they become permanent and loyal customers to you.

The following words may sound a bit resonant.. but if you have ever dealt with Vyota, you will know that we provide this service periodically and after the end of each advertising campaign as evidence of the sincerity of what we presented in numbers and graphs, but if you want to evaluate and analyze any advertising campaign you have carried out .. We at Fiohat will provide you with sufficient analyzes and also with graphs to show you the extent of the effectiveness and success of your advertising campaign in order to prepare you the appropriate climate for the appropriate decision.

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